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RAD Studio XE Product Demos

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  • 摘要:RADStudioXEProductDemosRADStudioXEPreview1RADStudioisoneofthemostwidelyuseddevelopmentenvironmentsandintegratedIDEfordeveloperswhosuccessfullydesignandcreatenativeWindowsdesktop,database,multi-tier,kiosk-touch,.NET,andwebapplications
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RAD Studio XE Product Demos RAD Studio XE Preview 1
RAD Studio is one of the most widely used development environments and integrated IDE for developers who successfully design and create native Windows desktop, database, multi-tier, kiosk-touch, .NET, and web applications. One of the development challenges we keep hearing about is, “how can I keep productivity at the maximum while managing source code revisions for my own code or among my team?” This preview showcases some of the developer and team productivity enhancements added to RAD Studio XE. The preview video also covers new capabilities and enhancements to the IDE, tool chain, modeling and debugging. RAD Studio XE Preview 2
This preview showcases the new RAD Studio XE capabilities and enhancements for project build automation, code quality assurance using static analysis, performance profiling, memory and resource debugging, and logging. The RAD Studio XE integration with FinalBuilder, AQtime and CodeSite will help you streamline your development processes so you spend less time managing and have more time for coding. RAD Studio XE Preview 3
RAD Studio XE is the only application development environment that gives you native connectivity to 9 major databases and ready-made components for cloud connectivity. RAD Studio XE future-proofs your development investment to develop today and meet your customers’ deployment needs for tomorrow. This preview showcases the new and enhanced database, multi-tier, Web and cloud computing capabilities in RAD Studio XE.
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